Under the Trump Administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been trying his hardest to bring back the war on drugs. With statements like ‘cannabis is nearly as dangerous as heroin’ and ‘good people don’t smoke marijuana’, it’s no wonder that mmj and recreational users are frightened to see what is going to come next.

Comparing a medicine like cannabis to a hard drug like heroin is not only asinine, but makes no sense. I understand Mr. Sessions that you need to stop people from feeling better and medicating with a plant that is 100% natural, but how do you compare a drug that causes over 50,000+ deaths a year to a drug that has no ability to cause a death by overdosing. It is even arguable that alcohol is a more dangerous habit and causes more damage than cannabis ever thought of doing.

Recently it was said that Sessions will be reviewing some of the Obama-era policies and make changes in a memo that will encourage prosecutors to raise the mandatory minimums on low level drug cases. Obama’s Administration worked hard to help lower the federal prison population and help reshape the criminal justice system by instructing prosecutors to avoid charging low-level drug defendants.

If we thought we had a problem with overcrowded prisons before, just wait.. It’s about to get a whole lot worse. Not only are they bringing back maximum mandatory sentencing, but prosecutors will also be encouraged to offer more plea bargains to defendants for pleading guilty, which in turn make prison sentences up to three times longer.

With all the allocations going on in Washington, it’s safe to assume that Trump will be unraveling all the hard work that everyone has done to end the prohibition against cannabis and bringing us right back to square one with a failed attempt at a ‘War on Drugs’.

Mr. Trump, if you want a war on drugs.. That’s fine. We are all with you.. but at least go after the real drugs that cause real problems. Let us have our medication (which we have been proving works) and we’ll step aside and let you go after the real offenders. The heroin addicts, the crack heads, the meth smokers, etc.. these are your enemies, not the average american who is willing to spend their hard earned money on state taxed cannabis products so that drugs are taken out of the hands of the cartel/gangs and into the hands of the people who understand how to properly regulate the use of a plant based product.

Don’t Hate. Regulate.

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Inhale Responsibly.

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