Are you ready to have your mind blown away with the amount of marijuana knowledge that you are about to discover within the pages of Dirtybegger.com?

It’s true what they say, the grass really is greener in the west. Living in Colorado has given us plenty of opportunities to experience cannabis in a way that very few people have. Even though Colorado’s population grows larger by the day, there are still millions of people who don’t have the luxury of legal weed. So, Little Miss Pothead and myself, have vowed to share the ‘weed love’ with all of our viewers.

Within our site you will learn valuable knowledge about cannabis. From weed facts to strain varieties, weed types, understanding the benefits of cannabis and everything in between. Learn to make edibles with Little Miss, watch product reviews with Dirty, read our written views on cannabis in the news, scroll through our weed porn and so much more…


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